Monday, June 29, 2015

You're not very nice

Dear Douchbeag, I just want to share something with you.

The need to brag about one's current accomplishments by criticizing others is simply irritating.  Subconsciously or not, it makes one look mean, ugly, and apparently showcases ones low self-esteem....very tragic actually.  What is more tragic is that in the end, the kharmic retribution will punch one in the throat when one least expects it. 

Since you are unable to recognize that hating on others while stroking your own ego will result in sadness and loneliness, I will continue to speak honestly and encourage through my own positive actions or reactions.

Goodluck long and prosper.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The False Hustle

The comedian Katt Williams used the Rick Ross song, Hustlin' as he entered from stage left.  Hearing the first few bars, I immediately fell in love with it.  It had this slow progression into what possibly could be an epic anthem, of sorts.  Everyday I'm hustlin' and as the word hustling is drawn out with every syllable, I realize that everytime I hear the word hustle, I will instantly have the Rick Ross medly in my head.

Since losing my steady form of income, being furloughed from my job created a new hustle.  I recently began to rethink about what I wanted to do to earn a living and begain with ideas for a new career.  I needed to start thinking about a different way to occupy my time, a way to interact and have fun without it feeling like "a job."  I will now admit, I am guilty of the FALSE HUSTLE.

At the end of the week, most of us like to think or believe that we have worked hard all week, but sometimes, the week was really just full of wasted energy.  My FALSE HUSTLE consisted of thinking about various work and jobs, imagining how I could afford to travel more, reading books and magazines, mindlessly occupying my mind with movies and television, and afternoon naps.  I convinced myself that I was actually doing the work.  The truth of the matter is that part of my week was productive but most of it was my false hustle. 

The reality is that for some of us, there is a lot of wasted time during a "typical" work day.  Standing at the copy maching, correlating papers, waiting on other coworkers for a meeting to begin, and transiting our way to and from work.  All could be called wasted time but we have this idea that this wasted time is part of the hustle.  THIS is the false hustle because during these times, we can multi task.  

I will admit that during these mindless tasks, it can be important and vital to also use it to meditate, unwind, or clear our heads.  I think the idea behind eliminating the false hustle is to ensure that our time is seriously used efficiently and productively.  The hustle needs to reflect actual results.  In this transition period, there should be a concious effort to put in the work and eliminate false hustles.  Stuck in the false hustle for too long, one can believe and manifest a false reality.  

What is the best cardio workout?

I thought sex was the best cardio?  "It's all about what your body does AFTER the cardio."  Well, what about more sex?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

One very long reason why my vote will count.

Just three days before Hawaii’s general election and with my last minute efforts to be a responsible citizen, I find myself on this gorgeous Saturday morning actually clicking away on my computer and rummaging through online articles to understand the proposed amendments for my precinct.  The perplexing question I am trying to get resolution on is in regards to the purpose of the amendment relating to Early Childhood Education.

The ballot question is as follows:

CON AMEND: Relating to Early childhood Education
“Shall the appropriation of public funds be permitted for the support or benefit of private early childhood education programs that shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex or ancestry, as provided by law?”
One of my primary thoughts is, I don’t have any children, why would I care?  While it is my constitutional right as a citizen to vote, I have to consider making a pono decision.  Win or lose, with or without child, I know that I support the side of the question that best suits my morals and beliefs.
While it sounds crazy that providing public funds to private entities may occur under this amendment, the reality is much more complex.  According one of the major supporters of voting “yes,” I found an answer to one of the important questions I had:

How will it be funded?  The amendment does not dictate how much or what specific sources would provide funding. Rather, it simply puts Hawaii on the same early learning playing field as every other state in the nation by giving it the option to use a mixed delivery system. Funding for the program will ultimately be determined by our elected officials. Hawaii will also be able to leverage federal funds to create prekindergarten options. Without the amendment, current state law makes us less competitive in applying for these funds. (

Voting yes will apparently change current state laws and provide more opportunities for federal money.  What clearly sticks out is this, “Funding for the program will ultimately be determined by our elected officials…”  Instead of trying to determine what to vote here on the amendments, we need to focus on who were are electing as our officials.  Vote yes and do your research on which official you want in office that will spearhead this project and ensure that this amendment is not a useless process. 

….and now back to me…although I do not have any children, my vote does count!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back and a ton of crap to say....or maybe I just highlight 1 item for discussion, the ASIAN STRUGGLE!

My ASIAN STRUGGLE is specific, as each various ethnic group can easily say.  "Asian" is such a broad category that this must be the reason why ignorant people just don't know what to say.  When approached (and this is to each and every yellow, white, black, brown of you out there), why is it even necessary to try and figure me out?

So it is the "Politically Correct" phrase to use but when you speak to our elders, they often still refer to themselves as Oriental.  If it comes from their mouth, who are we to correct them with our own idea of PC phrase.  Don't subject them to our own identity problems.  They're okay with it, so should you.

I also seen a commercial on TV for a new show this season called, Fresh Off The Boat.  I find it hilarious and not offensive at all.  A FOB can be seen as a deragatory slang since it is usually in reference to the newly arrived Asian in America.  The fact that us Asians can laugh at ourselves may sound like we've evolved.  I think it's the other ethnic people who are overly cautious or sensitive to these things, for example, the movie the Interview.  Regardless, these things make us all have that conversation.  The good, the bad, and maybe some changed perceptions.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

"How to brag--but not be a drag--online"

So as I browse the November 2013 issue of Condé Nast, I find myself daydreaming of my next vacation locale.  Granted, most of these beautiful travel spots are currently not within my financial means, I pin (via Pinterest) locations and hotels I would like to visit; which can fall into various categories like "Bucket List" or "Places to go," and yes some pins and locales are rooted in cinematography and magazine articles.  As I continue to dream and flip through the mag (well more like swipe since I have moved forward to "Newsstand" subscriptions....yes on my iPad!), I arrive on an article that begins to "school" on the do and don't on sharing ones travel experiences on social media sites.

#Shutup, is the byline and it begins with a reference from the infamous movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, yes, Fight Club.

"The first rule of. . . .The second rule of..."

I begin to realize that as the author is attempting to school me, they forget what publication they are writing for and why most readers browse the pages of said magazine.  We, like to dream of far off adventures and yes, most of us like to "share" our own wishes and real experiences via social media.  I'm not a  marketing guru but I understand the necessity of advertising and sharing on various social media sites are free advertisements.  "Word of mouth," a phrase that can either close a place down or improve one's business.  I tend to believe the experiences from a layman person like me, then a professional that may be getting paid to promote a place is one of THE BEST ways to market.

So I find it humorous that the author is attempting to school me on how to share my experiences.  To me, the author sounds like someone who follows too many people on various social sites and those "said friends" like to share personal food pictures or beautiful locales or envious experiences. 

I don't think these rules set-forth by the author will be followed, but nice efforts... and what an awesome global-viewed avenue to try and make that change. 

Good luck and shut up!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sh*t talker

A Sh*t talker can be defined as a person who tells an extravagant and often untrue tale.  A sh*t talker can be a person who tells a tale for enjoyment while speaking in mystical and beautiful soliloquies; where no harm is done.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, one can spin lies filled with vindictive stories that also provide the sh*t talker with selfish benefits.  

What side of the spectrum do you fall in to?  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What the frack!?

There are so many things going so majorly wrong in this picture.

1) This woman has a full back tattoo of fictional storybook characters.
2) This lady has a jacked-up haircut! Is it shaved? A mullet? A half mullet/fade?
3) How old is this woman, seriously!? 50?
4) What the hell is that hanging over her mirror? OH MY FRACKIN GOD! She has a mini cat portrait.

This lady is certifiably crazy!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lost in Translation

There is something really twisted when attempts to translate a language is lost in translation.  I recently found this in a Japanese store.

WTF?  Does the Japanese know something more about these two items?  What a fracked up correlation!  This reminds me of high school reading comprehension tests. 

Example -
Dog :: Food
Barry Manilow :: ?

A) songs
B) music
C) musician
D) botox
E) artichoke

The answer is.....

According to the Japanese, its frackin ARTICHOKE!  And not any type of 'choke but GLOBE artichokes.  (I would have guessed D).


Monday, January 16, 2012

Marine Fucktard Alert

To my douchebag neighbors,

You must be missing the right side of your brain because you are very rude and disrespectful. It's midnight and you think it's a great idea to turn on your motorcycles and rev your engine. Lame idea cuntwad! Stupid haole! Now there a burning rubber smell in the air!!! I'm calling the cops, I'm sure your commanding officer would enjoy this.

This is one reason why I hate you fucktards!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Philip Enos, Get Your Act Together!

As tragic as it is, Typhoon Washi kills at least 400 in the Philippines.  That is Gods way of telling you to take care of your shit or I will start eliminating you on a grander scale.  Really, what makes you think that God doens't know that your people are kidnapping children?!?! Duh!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Strange marketing attempts

As seen in Costco!  Products that have very WEIRD marketing campaigns and it's not really for what you may be initially thinking.  Take a look:


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Only in Hawaii

While Hawaii is attempting to recycle, the campaign has attached unique signs to help distinguish recycling receptacles: