Monday, November 11, 2013

"How to brag--but not be a drag--online"

So as I browse the November 2013 issue of Condé Nast, I find myself daydreaming of my next vacation locale.  Granted, most of these beautiful travel spots are currently not within my financial means, I pin (via Pinterest) locations and hotels I would like to visit; which can fall into various categories like "Bucket List" or "Places to go," and yes some pins and locales are rooted in cinematography and magazine articles.  As I continue to dream and flip through the mag (well more like swipe since I have moved forward to "Newsstand" subscriptions....yes on my iPad!), I arrive on an article that begins to "school" on the do and don't on sharing ones travel experiences on social media sites.

#Shutup, is the byline and it begins with a reference from the infamous movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, yes, Fight Club.

"The first rule of. . . .The second rule of..."

I begin to realize that as the author is attempting to school me, they forget what publication they are writing for and why most readers browse the pages of said magazine.  We, like to dream of far off adventures and yes, most of us like to "share" our own wishes and real experiences via social media.  I'm not a  marketing guru but I understand the necessity of advertising and sharing on various social media sites are free advertisements.  "Word of mouth," a phrase that can either close a place down or improve one's business.  I tend to believe the experiences from a layman person like me, then a professional that may be getting paid to promote a place is one of THE BEST ways to market.

So I find it humorous that the author is attempting to school me on how to share my experiences.  To me, the author sounds like someone who follows too many people on various social sites and those "said friends" like to share personal food pictures or beautiful locales or envious experiences. 

I don't think these rules set-forth by the author will be followed, but nice efforts... and what an awesome global-viewed avenue to try and make that change. 

Good luck and shut up!

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